We’re almost at the end, but that doesn’t mean that the giveaways don’t just keep getting better and better!

I feel really excited about the current trends out there when it comes to party planning and all the amazing decor pieces that can really bring a party together….hello PINTEREST! I love everything I’m seeing these days from balloon garlands, paper straws in a rainbow of colors and the prettiest plates, napkins, cups…oh man the list goes on!

I feel like by now you have an idea of what the theme of today’s giveaway is, so without further ado, today’s giveaway is brought to you by none other than Little Rose Party Company!

I met Kelly for the first time at a Vancity Business Babes event where we both were vendors at one of their social minglers. Kelly has the warmest heart and a TOTAL eye for party design. We hit it off instantly and I’m really lucky to call her one of my friends. She has GRACIOUSLY put together a beautiful Cake Mama-esque party set, perfect for the prettiest pink party and it is up for grabs today!

A little more about the Little Rose Party Company:

Last year was one of the hardest times in my family’s lives. My sister in law suddenly got sick, we didn’t know what it was and looking back now, we realise she was sick far longer before ever really knowing it. Anyone who has ever lost someone to Cancer knows the pain all too well. The unanswered questions, that never ending WHY plays over and over in your head. During that time we were undergoing a massive reno on my in-law’s family home in which we were all supposed to end up in. My in-law’s, sister in law & her son on one side and me, my daughter, partner and step son on the other. In the midst of it all she passed away, leaving us all at a cross roads. Her son was 8 at the time and we knew without question we had to be there for him. So we did what we needed to do.

We all moved into the main part of the house so we could raise him with his Grandparents close by, as they were active caregivers to him. So we all moved in, finished the reno’s (don’t ask us how) and now all reside in beautiful home, together. The way she would of wanted it. So if that wasn’t already enough stress for one family, I decided to start a business! I mean…naturally.

I’ve always found myself to thrive under pressure so maybe this was just the ultimate test. When shit get’s tough, add more shit and tough it out all at once. I knew it was time because I now have 3 kids to help raise, and I can’t leave the financial burden solely on my partners shoulders. I knew it was my time to step up and I knew in my heart I couldn’t just get a “job” I’m 32 years old, if I wanted a chance to live my dream life, now is as good as time as any. Time to stop waiting for that “perfect” moment, perfect moments never come. There will always be some reason why “now’s not a good time” or “we have no money” so what, no one has any money and if you wait until that perfect moment you might be laying on your death bed asking “what if”.

I wanted these kids to see parents that lived their passions and persevered through hard times to live their truth, for themselves and for them; now and in the future. You only get one chance at this crazy life and you never know when it’s going to end. So I’m just gonna go with it. YOLO. I always knew I wanted to own a business, something where I could be creative and meet other like minded people. I have a background in design and events so when I thought of the idea for the company I had that feeling, that feeling where you just KNOW you have found that thing that makes your heart beat. The best thing about this business is it gives me the freedom to see where it takes me, be creative and I know there isn’t a cap on what I can achieve with it. I only have thoughts of what’s next, not what if’s.

I believe we all have the choice to do what we want in our lives, even if you work on your passion for an hour a week, do it. If it’s your path it will come to fruition. It’s so much more than paper partyware and event styling, for me it’s being able to help busy parents plan their kids dream birthday or that bride to feel extra special, to help people easily celebrate life’s precious moments. Some people scoff at going all out for these events but at the end of the day these events are what create memories for all of us. Those special pictures you get to show your grandkids, to look back and smile on. It’s so much more than that perfect Instagram picture, or the money you spend. Memories are priceless. Create them meaningfully. – Kelly, Little Rose Party Company

How incredibly inspiring is she?!! We love ya Kelly!

Here’s what is up for grabs on Day 4!

  • 1 pk of large white ruffle plates
  • 1 pk of small pink ruffle plates
  • 3 marbled pink/purple balloons
  • 1 pk of white and silver star dessert napkins
  • 1 pk of white and silver polka dot treat bags
  • 1 pk of white and silver star/stripe paper straws
  • 1 pk of white and silver star cups

Perfect for a sweet party!

How to enter:

  1. Follow @littlerosepartycompany on Instagram
  2. Follow @the.cake.mama on Instagram
  3. Like the last 3 photos on @littlerosepartycompany’s Instagram page
  4. Comment in the giveaway post what special occasion you’d use this pretty set for!
  5. Winner will be announced on Sunday October 8, 2017 at 10pm.

Good Luck sweet Friends!!