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Make it! Captain America Cookies

I had such a great time creating these Captain American themed sugar cookies for a birthday order this past weekend! It was such a fun and relatively easy project that I thought I'd share with you how to make them! I am, what some might call "old school" LOL in that I don't own a projector of any kind that transfers an image onto a cookie so that you can easily pipe a design right on to it. I love the look that it achieves yet I can't bring myself to spend the money on one..but that's for another post sometime! Here's what you need to get started: outline consistency royal icing white & red flood consistency royal icing blue scribing tool wax paper pre-printed Captain ...

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A Winter ONEderland

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of celebrating our sweet son's first birthday! It was definitely a surreal moment; a whole year has passed and the little surprise we were waiting for last year is now a stumbling little eating machine! I knew that at least for Elias' first birthday we would do something wintery themed but I'm sure it'll be the last of that for a long while now (enter: Star Wars & superheroes!) so I took full advantage of it knowing full well I'll have zero creative control in the years to come. A December birthday naturally inspires ideas of snowflakes and barren trees while gingerbread and fluffy marshmallows swirled in my head as I pieced together the dessert ...

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