I had such a great time creating these Captain American themed sugar cookies for a birthday order this past weekend! It was such a fun and relatively easy project that I thought I’d share with you how to make them!

I am, what some might call “old school” LOL in that I don’t own a projector of any kind that transfers an image onto a cookie so that you can easily pipe a design right on to it. I love the look that it achieves yet I can’t bring myself to spend the money on one..but that’s for another post sometime!

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • outline consistency royal icing
    • white & red
  • flood consistency royal icing
    • blue
  • scribing tool
  • wax paper
  • pre-printed Captain America shield (just google one and size it to your preferred size)


Start by cutting up some wax paper squares that are big enough to fit the star in the center of the shield plus a little extra. Place a square on top of your shield “stencil”. With your outline-consistency royal icing in a piping bag fitted with a size 2 tip, pipe a blob onto the center of the star. Use the scribing tool to carefully pull the royal icing into the 5 points of the star, taking care to ensure there is a substantial amount of icing at each tip to prevent breakage when removing. Be sure to make a lot of extras as you will come across some breakage and it’s always best to be prepared for these!


Allow these stars to dry for about one hour to ensure they have hardened and will peel back easily. While those are drying, cut up some larger squares that will fit the outer shield design. Place the wax paper over the stencil and start with the two red circles and finish off with the white circle in the center. This will allow you to make any corrections if you went over the lines with the red icing. Once again, make a couple of extras in case there is breakage.


Allow these rings to dry for about 1-2 hours. Using a consistency of royal icing that is slightly thinner than outline consistency, pipe a circle onto the sugar cookie. This will serve as the “glue” to secure the ring to.


To remove the royal icing transfers, simply (and gently) peel back the wax paper from the royal icing. I found it best to work my way around the transfer so that I didn’t apply too much force to any side of the circle. Once removed, place it on top of the cookie and with your fingers, carefully press down with a little wiggle to ensure the “glue” has fully adhered to the ring. If some of the glue oozes out, simply use your scribing tool to scrape off any excess.


Finally, with flood consistency royal icing, pipe the blue center of the shield onto the cookie. From there, remove the wax paper from a star that you piped earlier and gently place it onto the center, using your scribing tool to guide it so that it’s centered. Apply light pressure to the star to ensure each point is almost completely touching the wet blue icing for maximum adhesion. It’s not going to be exactly flat, but I don’t think theres a way around it!




Allow cookies to dry for 2-3 hours before transferring into bags.


Voila! Captain America shield cookies! I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to make royal icing transfers! 🙂

Happy decorating!