Happy Easter weekend everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying some time with you family and celebrating in whichever way that you do.

In the Cake Mama household we have a few traditions we like to take part in each year. Having two different cultures also makes it fun and interesting and best of all, it’s a chance to get to see all of our families throughout the weekend.

On Good Friday we always color our eggs. I wish I could say I was creative enough this year to dye them naturally à la Martha Stewart but this year we’re using the classic PAAS coloring kit!

Some years we join my husbands family for a traditional Guatemalan fish dish served at dinner. The kids (as always) don’t enjoy it and usually end up eating cheese pizza LOL but it’s a nice excuse to visit the extended family. 

My side of the family is Polish so on Saturday we visit the Church for Święconka to get our eggs, kielbasa, bread and just about anything else you’d typically have for brunch in a Polish household blessed.

On Easter Sunday.. the kids hunt for eggs around the house first thing in the morning. We try to make it to mass (with 3 kids now it seems to be even more challenging!) and then we head over to my parents house for lunch. 

Bring on the stretchy pants!! 

It’s one of my favourite traditional meals. Polish potato salad, kielbasa, fresh sweet bread, ham, deviled eggs AND galaretka – an aspic with chicken and beef with a squeeze of lemon. I swear it’s my FAVE Polish food to eat for Easter and Christmas and I think only the select few enjoy it. It’s sooo good! 

Then my kids and my sisters kids go out and hunt for eggs hidden by our parents and we exchange little gifts for all the kids. 

The party isn’t over yet! After lunch and a bit of rest, we head over to my husbands mom’s house and have a delicious dinner. Some years it’s turkey with all the fixings and others it’s traditional Guatemalan dishes like enchiladas. The kids have another egg hunt here while the adults sit and digest our big day of eating LOL.

On Easter Monday, we make bunny pancakes for breakfast and the girls and I always make sugar cookies for their classroom to celebrate the end of Lent and Easter. They always have a good time decorating cookies!

Phew! So much to look forward to and we’ve only just begun. Below is a shot of last year’s Easter weekend, I can’t wait to update it! Happy Easter everyone!

Photo Credits: Pinterest, Google, Style By Deanna