Chocolate Coconut Power Balls- I bet you won’t be able to stop at one!! These nuggets of goodness are packed with the good stuff and are refined sugar free meaning you can snack knowing it’s actually good for you! 

I’ve always wanted to create a power ball that tastes more like a truffle than a health food and I think I #nailedit with this one! The addition of cocoa powder boosts up the chocolatey profile and the maple syrup adds the perfect touch of sweetness!

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Quick cook oats add density to the bite while the banana maintains its moisture so it forms into a ball easily! The coconut and peanut butter are prominent in this recipe so you don’t taste the banana at all.

This chocolate coconut power ball recipe can be made in a high powered blender or a food processor, so use what you’ve got at home to create it! It’s best stored in the fridge after rolling so they stay nice and firm.


Chocolate Coconut Power Balls

Prep Time 20 minutes
Servings 25



  1. Using a food processor or high powdered blender add ingredients in the order listed and blend until a dough forms.

  2. Using a 1 tbsp scoop, scoop dough into little balls (roll between hands) and then roll in bowl of shredded coconut

  3. Keep refridgerated in an airtight container for up to 7 days.

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