Over the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity of trying out Freshprep’s newest addition to their meal delivery service: VEGAN dishes! I didn’t know what I was missing in my busy life until these easy to prepare meals were arriving at my door every week with the freshest and most flavorful dishes.

To boot, the process of ordering your weekly dishes couldn’t be easier- every dish that’s available has a beautifully styled photo with a full list of ingredients so you can be sure that that dish is right for you and your family!

There have been a couple of weeks where the meals just didn’t jump out at me or I felt like it was too similar to something we had experienced before. In this instance, I was able to skip deliveries until I came across a weekly menu that peaked my interest!

Every Tuesday I get a notification via text message that my Freshprep delivery is 2 minutes away and this allows me to grab my cooler from the previous week (which has all of the washed baggies that the portioned ingredients come in- YES they recycle their plastics so you don’t have to!) and bring it to my door to swap out with a new one.

Each meal comes packaged in a paper bag (perfect for your compost bin!) and includes a recipe card with step by step instructions and everything washed and precut so that each meal LITERALLY takes 30 minutes or less- such a game changer in our household!

Here are the Cake Mama approved dishes that we’d order again:

Interested in giving Freshprep a try in your household? I’ve got a code for ya! Use INFCAKE19 to receive 3 free plates! This means 1-2 meals will only cost you $11 your first time, WOO HOO!

Acknowledging that sometimes even little ole me needs some help in the kitchen every once in a while has actually been such a huge stress releaser. As a mom to 3, managing a household and business and all things in between, I never thought something this simple would make life so much easier!

This post is sponsored by Freshprep. All opinions are my own

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