This is 37 friends, and I am just so incredibly grateful for everything that has brought me to where I am today. If 36 taught me one thing, it was that taking risks and putting a toe outside of your comfort zone is truly the key to propelling your dreams and goals no matter what you think or what others might say or think.

In this last year, I took the plunge to launch some products for The Cake Mama- something I never dreamed I’d be able to do, and while it is still in its humble beginnings, I am so touched by the amount of support I’ve received and in your trust in me to bring you items that will add value to your life.

We also packed our bags and moved 400km away from family and friends and everything we knew, turned our lives upside-down with buying an old home and maintaining a yard, renovating a kitchen, changing our lifestyle completely from busy and commuting everywhere to calm, LOTS of family time and everything we could possibly need within a 10km radius LOL. And while I do miss my family when I’m not around or when they aren’t visiting, I’m SO grateful for the fact that when we are around, our visits are so much MORE intentional and we *actually* spend time together- we make space to focus just on us and I love that.

But taking these risks brought me FAR more than just worry or stress that it would all work out, because trust me, A LOT of things that I hoped to put out there has not worked out – and the only reason I don’t focus on that is because I don’t believe in pouring too much energy into the things that don’t serve me.

All of this to say, that this past year has reminded me that success (whatever that means to you) will always come with sleepless nights, moments of doubt, TONS of questioning and FAILURE- and there is actually never an end to that. LOL. To reach the summit of a mountain means theres another mountain to climb and you just have to keep going.

I guess what I’m trying to say to all of you who are in the same boat as me: whether it be starting your own business or looking to level up, struggling to find the happiness you are seeking within your current situation or worried about judgement – you have to keep plugging away, take a leap of faith and focus on one day at a time!

I mentioned in my Instagram post yesterday that my birthday month would be one full of celebrations and I meant it! I’ve had the privilege to connect with an array of businesses (big and small!) to share the love and give you all the opportunity to win some pretty amazing products. I firmly believe that lifting other businesses up- from complete start ups to having a number of years under their belts is hugely important- if it weren’t for taking risks and connecting with people like this when I started, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

And so, with all the goodness that is to come, I ask that when you participate in the upcoming giveaways please take a moment to learn who these businesses are are, what they do for their community, engage with their content and support them in their journey. If you’ve been following along for the last while, you’ll know that I share a lot and I do it with the genuine intention of adding value to your life. These businesses have graciously offered something to share with YOU in honour of celebrating my birthday and I am so so grateful for their support and friendship!

SO cheers to 37! Cheers to keeping those goals within sight and doing all you can to achieve them. Cheers to acknowledging failure or mistakes and learning from them and CHEERS to standing tall even though some (ok maybe MOST) days you don’t feel like it.

Happy Birthday indeed!

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