This time of year always marks two things: New Years resolution checks and the Oscars!

While I hope all of your are still on track with this years goals I’ve got a little sweet treat that you can make to reward yourself AND eat while you’re judging the best and worst dressed on the red carpet this year!

The Academy Awards is one of my favourite things to watch as I love rooting for actors or movies that I’ve seen -or I learn about movies that I WANT to watch. (maternity leave kinda leaves you in a bit of a bubble LOL)

Here are some adorable sugar cookies you can bring to your Oscar themed party this weekend or just to nibble on at home!

Start off with my fave cookie recipe. Remember to add one less teaspoon of baking powder so your cookies don’t puff up too much! Using your award cookie cutter, cut out your shapes, bake and cook to room temperature.

In another bowl combine 2 cups of icing sugar, 2 tbsp of meringue powder, a splash of vanilla extract and water a few teaspoons at a time until you reach a thick ribbon consistency.

Separate your icing into 2 bowls. Using a couple drops of gold food color dye one bowl gold and the other black.

Sometimes I like to trace out my design so it’s easier to pipe it out with icing. I use an edible marker in yellow so that it’s easily hidden. Don’t use black or it could bleed through your royal icing!

I love using tipless bags for projects like this and I’m working on getting some custom ones to sell in my upcoming shop. Stay tuned!

Begin by piping the black “stand” first so that it sets and the gold crystal sugar doesn’t adhere to it. Allow the black icing to set for a couple minutes before piping the gold.

Once the black is dry to the touch, set up a sanding station so that once you’ve piped the gold icing you’re ready to sand the gold crystals. Once the gold icing is covered in crystals, allow to dry for a couple hours in a room temperature set room. A small fan at low speed can help if you’re in a hurry!

For a more sophisticated look you can brush some edible gold dust onto the cookies! To do this you need to allow your gold icing to set for a couple hours so that it’s at least dry to the touch. Make sure that the labels on the gold dust you are using specifically say “edible” and not just “non-toxic” as it’s not necessarily intended for consumption. Safety first!

And there you have it! I hope you try making these this weekend, if you need to pick up supplies to make them, you can find everything you need locally here.

Happy Oscars weekend!