Kitty Cookie Pops

Last month, I had the pleasure of contributing to a black and white kitty themed birthday party for Codi Lynn of Creative Wife and Joyful Worker‘s daughter Sophie!

Codi Lynn requested some cookie pops to go with her monochromatic theme and I was more than happy to replicate a design she had created.


Starting with my classic sugar cookie recipe, I cut out circles using a plastic cup that was the perfect size. I then used Wilton’s lollipop sticks and placed them onto the centre of the cookie. With a small piece of cookie dough, I “glued” the stick on by securing a piece of cookie dough on top, then placed the cookies onto an ungreased cookie sheet.


Once out of the oven, I used my fondant smoother to gently press down any imperfections on the surface of the cookie before decorating with royal icing.


The great thing about the lollipop sticks is that they can go in the oven without the concern of burning or changing color. To keep with the black and white theme, I cut into paper straws and created a “sleeve” to hide the white sticks. The paper straws were slightly longer so I did have to trim the bottoms so they were a perfect fit. Imagine the possibilities with different coloured straws and treats on a stick!


Codi Lynn wanted a black kitty silhouette, a polka dotted and number 3 cookie for her daughter’s guests and I think they turned out so darling!


What an adorable little party! It’s been featured over on 100 Layer Cakelet today! Be sure to  check out the full article with all the details!


Photos from party by Julie Christine Photography



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